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Workplace Wellness Body, Mind & Spirit Workshops & Seminars

Holistic Bodyworx is a leading provider of Corporate Wellness solutions and Employee Well-being Programs. If you’re looking for corporate wellness program ideas then you’ve come to the right place.  We provide wellness services including fitness, Yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes. We also provide weight loss programs, wellness workshops and much more.

The workplace is changing. Progressive companies are now creating environments that lead to an employee that is personally fulfilled and healthier in mind, body, and spirit. The company becomes recognized as a desired employer to work for, leading to higher employee retention rates. Wellness programs facilitate less stress, increased morale, higher energy output, leading to more productivity in the workplace.

Our Mission:

Holistic Bodyworx assists with creating exceptional workplaces by providing staff with a work environment that encourages health, happiness, creativity, focus and wellbeing, and thus supports success for both employer and employee. We are a company that is committed to a healthier, happier community.

Holistic Bodyworx can create specific workshops/seminars with a multitude of different options that will suit your group and needs specifically.

Our Staff:

As Holistic Bodyworx is a school that offers Certification courses for Yoga and Pilates, we train all of our teachers to a level of excellence. Holistic BodyWorx has been training teachers since 2005.

Yoga, Pilates, fitness & meditation Classes

Our classes are designed for the specific needs of your employees. We can teach classes for all fitness levels. Our classes are tailored to your employee’s specific needs.

Weight loss programs

Ongoing weight loss program to assist employees to stay on track with weight management goals and healthy eating.

Wellness Workshops / Seminars

·        Stress management using Yoga techniques

·        Mindfulness / meditation

·        Nutrition / weight loss

We would be very happy to provide more information and a quote for any of the services above.

Please contact Renu Bhatia to discuss your needs and we can put together a package that best suits your team:
Phone: 905 277-1010 Email: holisticbodyworx3@bellnet.ca



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