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Client Feedback in 2017 - 2018


The most incredible yoga and pilates studio ..you are treated with the most warm welcome in every visit..the classes are amazing..with variety of intensities..great schedule awesome instructors..love the heated classes as infrared hesting is used.its super clean..location central..and free parking is a huge bonus...my home away from home..highly recommended.

Zee Paruk

Great Studio! I went to my first class today after a serious injury and needed modifications. Tina the instructor was soo helpful!!! An amazing instructor...

Tara-Lee C.

Kind staff and free parking. Thanks for a good first experience. I'll be back for some more flow yoga!

Dana S.

The workout was intense, but exactly what you need if you want to get into shape quickly. The instructor is amazing and so welcoming.

Debbie W.

I recommend it! No matter which instructor, you'll definitely have a great class. Great for beginners as well! Me & 2 of my friends (beginner - intermediate) took every weekday Hot Hatha Flow Yoga sessions. Each one of them were brilliant. Claudia's and Kelly's flows were perfection! Really worked us out and hit the spot!

Malki E.

Excellent! Love the class, great Pilate class and great studio.

Linh T.


Hot Pilates class was amazing! Upbeat, great soundtrack and energy.

Kimberly R.

This was my first time trying Hot Pilates, and I loved it! Holistic Bodyworx has a welcoming space and Angela is a great instructor! Highly recommend.

Gloria B

Welcoming staff, instructor was calming and patient.

Taranjit K


Awesome experience. I attended the hot Pilates class and was not disappointed. Vivian guided the class through a series of challenging and safe Pilates exercises. She made adjustments when necessary and was fun to work with. I'm looking forward to attending the other classes being offered.

Rayan S.

Holistic BodyWorx has become my second home. I have never been to any other place where I felt so comfortable in my own skin.

I can only speak from experience. I joined Holistic Bodyworx last summer for a month. I enjoyed the array of choices from outdoor boot camp to indoor body-sculpting. Months later I found myself craving that type of energy and encouragement. I joined back in April 2017 and this time for the whole year! I knew this was THEE. BEST. INVESTMENT. EVER. So far my exercise routine has helped me lower stress levels, reduce anxiety, boost self-esteem, elevate mood, and improve concentration/focus. I have received many positive comments on my muscle growth and definition! I am elated and proud to say I work extremely hard for my body, mind, and soul.

I would give this place 11/10 wholeheartedly.  Because of them, I don't only feel physically, but also mentally healthy. The instructors at Holistic Bodyworx are extremely knowledgeable and a great resource to leading a healthier happier life.  Shout out to Roy and Tina (owners, and role models), Marcela, Yvonne, Christina, Evelynne, Kelly, Darryl,  Enza, and Sandra. I have been to each and everyone of your classes and they are all equally challenging in their own unique way - so THANK YOU all for pushing me to give 120% each class to achieve my goals :)

Fi. C.

I was introduced to Holistic Bodyworx by my daughter who could not say enough great things about the studio and the owners Tina and Roy. She has moved away and has said she cannot find a studio or instructors that she experienced at Holistic Bodyworx. Thanks to her I joined the studio four years ago. If you want results, then their classes will provide the challenges you need to achieve your goals. Tina and Roy care about your health and wellness and always take the time to answer any of your questions. I would definitely recommend Holistic Bodyworx.

Janet Hutchison

Amazing staff, beautiful place. Great workouts.

Suada m.


The classes are really effective. I feel a change in my body for the better.

Justyna S


I have been a member of Holistic Bodyworx for last 3 years. This is the only studio or gym I stuck by for so long. I love their Pilate combo classes. Fantastic workout, but also you learn so much about your body. I see enormous progress in my stamina, core strength and flexilbililty. Not to mention super staff and super people. Real fun!

Mariola Chmiel


I love Holistic BodyWorx! I have been a client at the studio for a while now and I can honestly say I cannot imagine going anywhere else! Tina and Roy (along with all the other staff) do such an incredible job at leading fun and challenging classes everyday! Not only do they offer a wide variety of class types, but they are also held at many different times in the day so there is the opportunity to go before, and after work as well as during your lunch break. I would definitely recommend the studio to all of my friends and anyone who is looking for a great workout!!

Megan Pedersen


I have been going to this studio for over one year and I can't say enough great things about this place.

I've been to many other yoga studios and gyms but I never stuck with them.

The difference is Tina and Roy. Tina is an excellent motivator and she really wants you to live your best life. Roy is one of the nicest person I have ever met. They both foster an atmosphere of inclusion and camaraderie.

The workouts are tough but I go back because I get results and the studio has become my workout family.

I recommend this studio if you are serious about investing in your self.

Rosie Vu


From the very first moment I entered the studio, I felt welcome. Tina has this incredible personality that is warm, affectionate, empathic, caring and uproariously funny. The studio is small (which I like). These classes are for people who are serious about fitness, however, even as a novice, the instructors are caring, encouraging, and positive. The instructors chat with you after the class and then when you attend again, they know you by name. Holistic BodyWorx is a studio that truly cares about their patrons total well being, not just the physical state; they care about your diet, your health and your emotional state. I love this place and I love the instructors. I am absolutely exhausted when I leave but I have already seen results in the short period of time I have attended. A little hidden gem tucked away in Mississauga. I highly recommend.

Vicki Brookes


I've been attending classes for six years now and HIGHLY recommend this studio if you want a great workout and want to trying something new. I've never been athletic growing up but I can tell you my self-esteem and endurance have changed since attending. As for my motivation, that comes from the positivity of those running this studio. Tina and Roy (the studio owners) are fantastic professionals. All instructors are properly trained by Tina and Roy so you get the most out of your money in addition to a proper workout. As for people who attend the same sessions as me, they're like everyone else trying to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I've established a real sisterhood here where no matter what our lives are outside of the studio, we work together in a REAL supportive, family-oriented environment. If you want to sign up on one of their group-ons, keep in mind there are fantastic deals as well in the studio's newsletters!

Janis Fung


Absolutely outstanding studio. I've been coming here for about 5 years- my wife has been a client even longer.
I started out as a raw fitness rookie - frankly, I did not enjoy working out. They encouraged me and cajoled me and pushed me and trained me until I met and exceeded all my fitness goals. A couple of years ago, I completed what I regarded as my ultimate fitness test, a 320-kilometer single-day bike ride. I was 55 when I did this; when I joined this studio, I could barely ride 5 kilometres.
I could never have accomplished this extraordinary test of endurance and strength without Roy and Tina's counsel and prodding. Perhaps just as importantly, I've learnt to continue to stay the course - because the benefits to my overall energy, endurance and flexibility have been tremendous, they've turned me into a lifelong fitness devotee. I enthusiastically recommend this studio.

Deji Odetoyinbo


I have been coming to Holistic Bodyworx for 1.5 years now, and I've tried a lot of different fitness studios and this has got to be hands down one of the best ones. It's like a family here, and the instructors really care about your long term fitness and well-being. I find their approach very honest and direct, which is why I keep going back. The classes are intense, in a good way, and the music keeps you going. I highly recommend this studio.

Pri M


I have been a member at numerous gyms and have worked with various personal trainers over the past 30 years. Although I've been able to maintain a healthy level of fitness, I was never really able to transform my body or achieve the strength and stamina that I wanted. My weight and size remained the same (give or take a pound or two) - I always felt stuck. I thought I'd give pilates another shot and joined Holistic bodyworx in November 2016. The workouts are kick ass, the instructors knowledgeable, approachable and on point. Tina and Roy (the two owners) are always available to answer questions and help guide you in achieving your personal goals. Their passion and expertise go above and beyond! In the 7 months that I have been a member, I have dropped 15lbs and an entire size. My body, at 48 years old, has completely changed. In addition to the physical benefits.....I've met the most wonderful group of women. It's a small studio, which gives you a sense of family and community, not something I've ever experienced at other gyms or studios. Love, love, love this place!! If you want results, join!!

Vivian Cannataro


Hands down the BEST work out experiences I have had. Not only are the owners Roy and Tina some of the best instructors for Pilates, yoga and strength training I have had the pleasure of working with but they also care about your experiences with them and take the time to help you work on form and what works best for you personally. Highly recommended studio!



Very clean studio with free parking which is a plus. I did the hot pilates class on a Monday during the day. It was a great class more a mix of cardio and pilates movements. If you are looking for structured classic pilates you may be disappointed. If your looking for a challenging workout that makes you sweat, works your core like crazy and leaves you feeling taller and longer, its perfect!




I love their classes. Tina and Roy are always so helpful understanding and accommodating. I have been going to them for over 4 years and they are like family. Their knowledge about health, nurtrition and just life exprience make it more than just a work out. They really help you reach your full potential. Plus I love the MUSIC and they make work outs so much fun. It's definitely my "me time " from my kid and husband :)

Jessica Deogracias


This is the best yoga/Pilates studio I have been to yet. I've been attending this studio for the past 2 years and also a full time member. The owners, Tina and Roy are the nicest of people who have worked hard to provide a very comfortable, family type environment. This studio is also extremely busy and small, and to be respectful to other students they do not allow latecomers.

If you're the type of person who doesn't read up on things you purchase and do your homework before hand, decide to disrespect people by coming in late, then this place is not for you. Your money is better wasted somewhere else.

You can read the reviews other people say because clearly, they cannot respect other people's time... They're probably too busy writing negative reviews and may be a reason for their tardiness.

Jacqueline Olson


Excellent Hot yoga and Pilates studio,. Well knowledgeable instructors in both practices. Lots of available free parking. Make the commitment and see the results.****keep reading****

I couldn't help but notice the reviews that gave a low rating based on having the door locked and the classes begin when they should. I consider this a very unfair way to rate a studios performance. It is the normal and proper practice with an established studio to keep to their schedule and lock their doors. There are many good reasons why this takes place. *** It is only fair for those who come to the studio on time and are prepared for their class to be able to start without waiting for those who are not ready. Don't forget many people have busy schedules themselves and need to get out of class on time. Locking doors is for safety & security and everyone today appreciates that thoughtful action.

Don't let the small stuff distract you from setting and keeping your goals.


Lynn Mathews


Holistic Bodyworx , wonderful studio.
The owners are welcoming and make the environment fun and relaxing at the same time !
There is a great mix of classes to attend and really diverse instructors which is great !
I absolutely love this space.
5* all the way! Keep up the good work

Kelly Robichaud


Holistic Bodyworx is a great studio, when I chose a studio it's more than just the classes it's about the culture and environment of the studio and this studio has amazing people from the owners to the teachers and the students. I have been coming to holistic for many years and have always had a positive and wonderful experience. I recommend this studio to any new or experienced yoga/pilates or fitness enthusiasts.

Sonia Perhar


I first joined on a Groupon and loved it so much, I signed on for 6 more months. For reasons not because of Holistic BodyWorx, I did not renew. I finally decided after a year that I needed to take care of myself for a change, went back and signed for a year. That was almost 4 years ago. I love this studio. There are a variety of classes/instructors to choose from as well as times. I love that it is a small studio where attention is focused on form so as not to hurt yourself. Are these classes easy? Absolutely not! But, that is why I come here. I leave here every day absolutely exhausted after giving it my all, but at the same time glad that I came. I am in the best shape of my life physically, mentally and emotionally. I have learned so much about healthy living from Tina (who is tough, but truly cares). There is a wonderful atmosphere about this place that makes you feel like you are part of a family. Tina and Roy have put their heart and soul into this studio and you can definitely feel it. They care about each and every member that comes in. As for the comments about coming late, the rules are there. I personally would not want people coming in after the class has started and have to move my stuff around to accommodate a latecomer. There are classes almost every hour in the evenings, so if you can't make one, there is another after.


Joanne Hughes


I have been going to Holistic Bodyworx for about 8 months now and let m just say, it is absolutely fantastic! The owners (Roy and Tina) are very helpful and will give you all the tools you will need to meet or exceed your weight loss or fitness goals. The staff is very friendly and are willing to help you with any questions you have.

The classes and programs they run have been better than anything I have seen or tried. I always had a hard time losing weight and getting in shape, but with their guidance, leadership and motivation i have been successful so far. I couldn't have done any of this without them!

If you want a place that will support you, guide you through the steps od achieving your goals and answer any questions you may have, this is your place. Everyone and anyone who has a weight loss goal, fitness goal or even just want to get out and meet and talk to great people, I HIGHLY recommend Holistic Bodyworx



Listen, if you're late, that's your fault. This facility holds classes, respect that and show up on time, everyone else does it. This is by far, THE BEST pilates studio in the GTA. It is fairly priced in comparison to any studio in Toronto, the instructors are fantastic and pay attention to each and every person in the class. The pilates classes have really upbeat music which gets you going and the instructors make you push yourself. I have lost about 20 lbs of fat and gained 10 lbs of muscle. I am in the best shape I have ever been in. This studio is a big YES.

Devina Verma


I have been a client at Holistic for 8 plus years - never a bad experience- love the late policy - it is disrespectful to those on time for others to come late - plan ahead !! both Tina and Roy provide professional services that help to make you stronger and healthier
great place to be !!

Shelagh Wilson


If you would quickly reduce an inch on your waist line, flatten your belly fast and deep whole body toning. This is it. Iíve been practicing hot yoga for many years from different studio in Mississauga; I just joined this studio recently. I enjoyed my experiences with Hot Pilates and I am satisfied knowing that every session is a real work out. There are two important qualities that I would like to point out; the instructors are great and the music is fabulous.

Julie T


I've been a part of this studio for 4 years and it's THE BEST Pilates studio in Mississauga. Be prepared to sweat and work to a great selection of playlists. If you want results, then come here. The product is unlike any other.

The owners, Tina and Roy are some of the nicest people ever. They are the pioneers of pilates in this city, as they've been open for business since 2005. What other studio in the area has been around for this long? Exactly! The studio is small and somewhat hard to find at first, but so what, 12 years and running - proof that the product and people are top notch!

Studio is definitely for those who are discipline and dedicated in achieving their goals, whatever those may be! So to those who are late, let's try to be considerate of the large group of students who plan ahead and come in on time.

One suggestion for the late goers: try investing your $$$ on at-home fitness DVDs or videos. You don't need to be on time for those! 1-Star for you!




Encouraging, Challenging, Rewarding, Educating

I have been a client of Tina and Roy for the last 3 years.I used to be over weight, Lower back pain, slow and round. Until I joined Holistic BodyWorX. .....To say the least, I was challenged.
I have learned many things about my body and Pilates, technique, weight training, teaching a class,, Bootcamp, Cardio, muscle conditioning, I look at Holistic BodyworX as a mentor and my home base
I have been inspired to take my fitness to a higher level, I can see results in my body, my core and my stamina. I look up to and value the experience freely shared by both Tina and Roy. They have 15 years experience in the fitness industry.
I love it!

Olaf Schneider


HBW is awesome. The Hot Pilates classes are easily the BEST ab workout you will find in the GTA. If you eat properly and take 2-3 Pilates classes per week, you're abs will pop. And they play decent music; certainly better than most other Pilates studios and definitely better than any gym.

For the people complaining about the refusal to let in people that show up late and the location being "hard to find" I have 2 comments. Firstly, those that come late have to walk through the studio, find a spot and set up their mat. That is irritating during Pilates and can break your concentration in yoga. Why should someone who showed up on time have her or his workout disturbed by someone who showed up late?

Secondly, the studio is not that hard to find. Once you have been there once it is extremely easy and there is always parking available. Some of the best restaurants in this city are tucked away from main intersections. By your logic you shouldn't eat there but just keep going to Jack Astors or Boston Pizza because they are on main intersections.

Elyas B


First, I must respond to the woman who posted she was 5 minutes late and that she was "yelled at" by Roy. I was in that yoga class. You knocked for a long time, both at the door and the outside window. I understand that you would want to get into the class - the classes are amazing - but you must have realized after knocking on the door for so long, with no one responding, that class was not going to stop for someone who was so late in arriving. It's so unfortunate that you would take the time to write something so negative without acknowledging your lack of consideration for other paying customers who were there on time to attend a class. Roy was upset and pointed out that you were being disruptive. I heard him tell you that, and I heard him apologize for being upset.
Roy and Tina are both fitness experts, kind and hard-working people who run a studio that is devoted to providing the best possible service through a variety of classes taught by superbly qualified instructors. They are respectful and they care - they care so much that they are devoted to preserving the integrity of their business. That means classes in which the instructor is devoted to running classes free of interruption, and in which they offer the best possible attention to their students.
I've avoided going to any type of studio due to a negative experience a while ago. Now I attend classes at Holistic BodyWorx almost every single day because I feel comfortable in the friendly environment and enjoy the great variety of challenging classes. I feel better than I have in a very long time and am grateful to Roy, Tina and the staff at Holistic BodyWorx for changing my mind about fitness.

Angie Fumo


This studio is amazing! If you're looking for an intense workout, this is the place to go. The owners Tina and Roy are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, and they're always there to guide you and answer your questions. The late policy is displayed clearly in the studio and on the website. If you can't make it to a class on time like everybody else then that's your problem. It's not fair to everyone else who also pays a membership for you to come in when you please and disrupt the class. There are many different classes at different times that are accessible to everyone !


Anna Azevedo


It is the best place if you want a good workout. Of course every workout is based on discipline and discipline starts to be there on time. No matter what is the reason if you can not make it no hard feelings turn back and next time make sure you will be there ! I am a member for the past 5 years and it happened to me also that I was late and could not make it to the class but I do not blame the owner. I totally agree if you are late do not disturb the class just next time leave earlier to make it to the class ! Via this note I would like to thank Roy and Tina for the motivation and keeping our body in a good shape.

Imola Donath


Keep up the good work and the family, friendly environment.
If someone complains that was late and door closed JUST IGNORE it. That person doesn't deserve to be there.
I don't want to be in∑ter∑rupt if I am in and the class started.
I loved Tina's and Roy's classes and the home like atmosphere.
Want a good work out? Take Tina's classes.
Want a good stretch? Take Roy's classes.
Want to ask and discuss about nutrition, recovery,...life, vacations, cross training...Roy and Tina are there for you.
Miss you guys, work keeps me away these days but I'll be back.

Marian Niculescu


I have been a client at Holistic BodyWorx for 9 years! I have always been pleased with the level of service I have received from Tina, Roy and their team. This studio operates in a professional, respectful manner and the Yoga and Pilates classes are wonderful. They do a great job hiring the best teachers!

Cathie McCabe


I am so impressed by this place. The teachers are wonderful and the classes are some of the best I've experienced. It's a great environment to take pilates and yoga.

Megan McCabe


The hot yoga room is spacious as there were 5 people only. Instructions were clear and I could follow. The pace was adequate to work out as this was my first visit. Instructor was helpful to provide some individual guidance.

Connie W


It was my first time yesterday. The facility is very relaxing, clean and Christina, the instructor is great. She kept an eye on everyone correcting posture and giving support. I have some health issues such as high blood pressure so I found the hot Yoga kind of intense for me. I think if I'm in good shape I would've really loved it. The heat got to me but slept well last night.

Fe G


Fun and personal place to workout.

Kimberley B


It is in a very convenient location, the yoga instructor was very knowledgeable and the temperature of the 'hot' yoga was just right. Loved it!

Cathy O


It was a busy night but the instructor made room for everyone. We had fun and a great workout. Room was clean and the instructor upbeat and helpful.

Christine G.


Wonderful experience. Clean and lovely.

Aileen M.


Great small studio that is clean and welcoming. Small classes give a more personal yoga experience.

Diane M.


Great studio. the staff are really nice and knowledgeable. classes are challenging and enjoyable

Jenna M.


Great music, positive encouraging teacher and great hot pilates workout

Mannie D.


Cozy atmosphere, friendly staff



Great small studio that is clean and welcoming. Small classes give a more personal yoga experience.

Diane M.


I never did yoga before. I decided to get started with a coupon from Groupon to see if yoga is for me. I'm absolutely love it. Since I go during the day it is a small class and The instructor pays attention and if necessary corrects my posture so that i get the most out of this class. The place is very clean and comfortable. I highly recommend this place.

Marie P.


The classes are smaller than the ones at the regular gym. It was a more one on one experience. The choice of hot and non hot yoga. There were different rooms for different classes. The instructors paid attention to needs of their class participants. The owner was one of the instructors. The passion for yoga and committment displayed by her was very impressive. I am looking forward to my next class.







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