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Whole Foods Slow Carb Diet Coaching

Lose the weight and get healthy with the absolute best scientifically proven eating plan


Are you always hungry? Has all your past attempts at permanent weight loss failed? Do you feel you have no willpower?
If you answered yes to at least one of these questions it is most likely because the hormones responsible to keep you at a healthy weight have been compromised and are not working at optimum levels.
We have been sold a bill of goods when it comes to nutrition. In the 1980's we were told by governments to decrease our fat consumption and increase our carbs. This was based on faulty science (now disproved) and backed by the food industry. What happened? Adult North Americans are now 25 lbs heavier then we were in 80's. We are also sicker, with 50% of the adult population being either diabetic or pre-diabetic.
Why has this happened? The new science shows that refined carbohydrates are the real reason people are gaining weight, developing heart disease and diabetes, not the fats they told us to stay away from.
These 'bad' carbs cause changes to the hormones that work to keep you at a healthy weight so that they no longer work efficiently and we start to gain weight.
Our diet program will help you to reduce bad carbs and processed foods by increasing whole foods and good fats that are healthy for you and keep you feeling full longer. You will be guided to systematically reduce your bad carb intake over the 4 weeks in a way to that will keep your cravings and detox symptoms to a minimum. Our detox program will help the body to regulate your hormones to increase your metabolism, lower insulin resistance and help you to lose and maintain a healthy weight.
After the detox is done you will be given a healthy slow carb, whole food eating plan that will help you keep at a healthy weight for the rest of your life. Slow carb eating is simply reducing fast digestible carbs in your diet like sugars and most refined foods which are not healthy for you and that lead to weight gain. These fast digestible carbs will be replaced with good fats, protein and slow digestible carbs that will keep you feeling fuller longer. We will teach you how to eat in such a way that you won't need will power to stay the course, and you will permanently lose those cravings for all of the bad carbs!

We feel very strongly that along with your fitness/wellness programs, you need to eat well too! Eating healthy has so many benefits including prevention and treatment of disease, increased energy, weight management, and building and improving bodily structures including bone and muscle mass, organ function, and health and appearance of skin.

Combining a fitness/wellness program with a healthy eating plan will help you meet your fitness and wellness goals much quicker!

Our program is not about putting you on a diet, it's a healthy life time eating plan.

Our whole food slow carb diet coaching sessions will provide you with the tools that will help you achieve a healthy weight by making better choices. We will develop an individualized eating plan based on your goals and health requirements. Commit to a real lifestyle change! This program is about discovering a healthier way to eat. It is not a diet plan.

Book your 15 minute free consultation with Roy or Tina to find out more.

Ask about our Quick Start - Reset program which will help you to lose weight quickly from the start.

  • Lose up to five pounds in a week
  • Lose up to 15 pounds in the first month
  • Low-glycemic ingredients to control carbohydrate cravings
  • The best weight-loss program on the market to help you lose weight and keep it off.
  • Provides balanced nutrition for weight-loss success



Nutritional Coaching Pricing

3 - 1 hour Appointments - plus 7 - 1/2 hr maintenance sessions - $419

5 - 1/2 hour maintenance sessions - $175

10 maintenance sessions - $330

HST will be added to the above prices.




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