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At Holistic BodyWorx we have very mature, knowledgeable trainers specializing in traditional personal training, Yoga, Pilates, and any combination of any of the three.

Personal Training at Holistic Bodyworx in Mississauga

Are you looking to get in shape? We can definitely help with that. At Holistic BodyWorx we take a completely different approach to helping you with your fitness and health goals than the average gym or personal trainer.
First off our trainers are very experienced, mature, knowledgeable, and motivational. With years of experience in not only personal training, we also have extensive backgrounds training in Yoga, Pilates, and other body disciplines.
We can help with whatever goal you may have, whether it is to get fit and healthy, tone and sculpt, build lean muscle mass, increase strength, cardio and flexibility, and/or reduce stress we can help.
We work with you in a private studio so it is only you and the trainer concentrating on your goals. You don’t have to worry about waiting for weights or machines or being stared at by others.

Our intention is to help you reach your goals in the healthiest and safest way possible, helping you not only to feel and look your best but also improve your quality of life. By understanding your personal health goals, exercise history and fitness level, we will customize a program specifically directed towards achieving your goals.

Now, let’s get to some straight talk about why you should weight train.

Weight training is the best way to build lean muscles, hands down. By building lean muscle you will increase your metabolism aiding your body’s ability to burn fat. As you increase your lean muscle mass, you will also increase your metabolism. As your metabolism increases, so does your body’s ability to burn calories.

Weight training not only builds muscle but also increases bone density, which is especially important later in life. We have the ability to ward off or reduce the severity of Osteoporosis, so why not take that opportunity?

Most women have fears that they will appear bulky as a result of weight training. That could not be further from the truth. One pound of muscle takes up only 1/3 of the space as one pound of fat. As you reduce fat, it must be replaced with muscle or else you will look unhealthy because you would then be skin and bone. This could leave the appearance of saggy and drooping skin. Building muscle will tone the body, leaving you looking tight, firm and fit.

Free weights, Cable Machine, stability balls, and mat exercises are used to maximize the results of strength training. A variety of Yoga, Pilates, and assisted stretching techniques are also used to give you better mobility, energy, and flexibility. This type of training is called ‘Functional Training’. Functional training mimics the movements we use in everyday life. It also emphasizes strengthening core muscles (torso), and brings the body back into alignment by correcting postural patterns. Functional training is a more efficient, effective way to exercise to get quicker results!

You also may chose to do a private Boot Camp as part of your personal training sessions. Personal Boot Camp sessions are a combination of Outdoor and Indoor work, including running, calisthenics, Skipping, Stairs, weight training, core work, Pilates, and stretching.

As a part of your Personal Training package, we will also talk about your diet and eating habits. We will help you to eat the right way for your particular goal.
Train on your own, with a friend, or join our new small group Personal Training Sessions (up to 3 persons).


Small Group Personal Training

The benefits of Personal Training but not the cost. You will be in a small group of up to 3 persons. You will be working with the trainer and your progress, weights and exercises will be charted by your trainer during each visit. Your sessions will be the same as a personal training session except that you will be training with a few others. Come out and get the benefits of Personal training at a much lower price. You do not have to bring your own group. You will be placed into the class/classes of your choice.

Please note: Small group Personal training classes are not included with class packages.


Personal training at the Holistic Bodyworx location is done
in a private room with yourself and the trainer for your privacy





Training Fees

Private Training
One Hour Sessions

1 hour Session - $75.00

5 – 1 hour Sessions - $350 ($70.00 per session)

10 – 1 hour sessions - $680 ($68.00 per session)

20 – 1 hour sessions - $1,300 - ($65.00 per session)

HST will be added to the above prices.

Private Training Sessions

At Home Private Training
One Hour Sessions


1 hour Session - $91

5 – 1 hour Sessions - $420 ($84 per session)

10 – 1 hour sessions - $810.00 ($81 per session)

20 – 1 hour sessions - $1,560 ($78 per session)

HST will be added to the above prices.

At Home Private Training Sessions

 Personal Training home visits are limited to Mississauga and the
  surrounding area. Pricing is based on location within 10 km of Holistic

Semi Private Training &
Small Group Personal Training

Semi Private Training
(price per person)

1 Hour - $50

5- 1 hour Sessions - $225 ($45 per session)

10 – 1 hour Sessions - $430 ($43 per session)

20 – 1 hour Sessions - $800 ($40 per session)

HST will be added to the above prices.

 Semi-Private Training Sessions

Small Group Personal Training
(Up to 3 People)

10 – 1 hour Sessions - $350 ($35.00 per session)

20 – 1 hour Sessions - $600 ($30.00 per session)

Please Note:
Small Group Personal Training classes must be used in succession. There is one make up class for each 10 sessions purchased.

Up to 3 People




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