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Meet Our Staff

Cristina Reyes

Certified Yoga Instructor - Holistic BodyWorx - RTY200 Yoga Alliance
Jock Yoga Certified
Certified Pilates Mat, Balance & Resistance Apparatus Instructor-
Body Harmonics

Cristina has been an ardent student of Pilates and Yoga for close to a decade. She completed her Pilates Mat Certification at Body Harmonics and Her Yoga Teacher Training Certification at Holistic BodyWorx, a Registered School -Yoga Alliance.  Cristina is also Certified in Jock Yoga - the original athletic yoga method. Her focus is on broadening her knowledge through continuous training and learning as nothing is more rewarding to her than to see her students reap the benefits of Yoga and Pilates. Her goal is to inspire students and help them improve their well-being through Yoga and Pilates. She believes that one does not need to choose between these two systems and the key is striking a balance. She offers a wide variety of classes that are accessible to everyone: Pilates Fusion, Yoga Fusion, Hot Hatha flow and Vinyasa.


Tony Sidhu

Certified Yoga Instructor - Holistic BodyWorx - RTY200 Yoga Alliance
Certified Practitioner of Thai Massage - Still Light Centre - Toronto

Tony first stumbled across Yoga during his early working life when he found himself taking “Kundalini Yoga” classes as an outlet to the everyday stresses of work life.   During this time he realized that there was truly something transformational  about yoga, which always left him feeling internally balanced, strengthened and at peace, after participating in a class.   Many years later, he found himself establishing a weekly practice by participating in “yoga” classes at a local gym.  To deepen and expand his interest in Yoga, Tony decided to pursue the Yoga Teacher Training through Holistic Bodyworx.  Since then, he has been teaching at various studios in both heated and non-heated environments.  Throughout his classes, Tony strives to teach yoga with a specific focus on postural alignment, breathing and relaxation techniques that will allow participants to become stronger, more balanced and relaxed.  “For me, there is no greater investment in one’s physical, mental and spiritual health than through the practice of Yoga except being able to teach and guide others where I truly feel privileged and honoured to have the opportunity to do so".

Yvonne Di-Biase

Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified Pilates Instructor
Black Belt in Karate, CMAC
Black Belt in Kobudo, CMAC
Tai Chi Certification, CMAC

Yvonne lives Yoga and Pilates every day. She has cultivated a commitment both through her practice and meditation. She started out in the Martial Arts receiving black belts in Karate, Kobudo, and Tai Chi. Shortly after, she received her teacher’s certificate for teaching Yoga and Pilates.  She sees the body as energy and having explored the element of energetic flow understands the benefits of reenergizing our bodies.  As we create lines of energy through the body, we also create space through the joints and spine and as our bodies open, our minds begin to open.  She understands that balance comes from a calm and focused mind.

She teaches a hatha flow yoga class where the mind, body and breathe are connected, moving from one move to the next with mindfulness and breath.  She also teaches a vigorous Pilates class for a whole body workout .

"All of life is contained in this moment, in the space between thoughts, in the pause between breaths.” Stephen Shaw



Kelly Robichaud


Yoga Teacher training Certification - Holistic BodyWorx

Kelly has been practicing yoga for 7 years, and that is when her journey to a new bright life began. She is classically trained in Hatha Yoga, from Holistic BodyWorx with a 200HR CYT. However my style of teaching also incorporates seamless vinyasa flows providing the class with a diverse range of movements. In her classes you will feel the strength of your body, the relaxation you crave and happiness in accepting yourself in your practice. Kelly believes with practice comes progress and together we can make this happen.


Angie Fumo

Certified Yoga Teacher - Holistic BodyWorx  -RYT200 - Registered Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance.
Trauma Sensitive Yoga certified

Angie’s life guiding mantra is: “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu - May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all." She has practiced yoga for over 20 years, and has found it to be a source of strength and fulfillment. Her passionate teacher style seeks to offer the benefits of yoga in a welcoming, and non-judgmental way, emphasizing the power of yoga to cope with anxiety and depression. She continues to combine life experience with her ongoing training in order to guide practitioners to move through their yoga practice with confidence, peace of mind and a full heart. Angie's intention in every class is to offer joy, inclusion and respect for self and others while discovering your own inner power. You will step off your mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced. 


Angela Bodrozic

Certified Pilates Teacher - Holistic BodyWorx

Angela has been an avid runner and yoga student for many years.  In 2011 she wanted to start something new so she took her first Pilates class at Holistic Bodyworx and has been practicing pilates ever since.  Classes at the studio incorporated the fundamentals of Joseph Pilates and added layers to the movement to really challenge ones athleticism.  This attracted her to the studio and is one of the many reason why she took the Pilates Teacher Training Course at Holistic Bodyworx. Angela’s mission as an instructor is to challenge and motivate individuals of all ages and physical abilities.  For years, Pilates allowed her to maintain a strong body, healthy mind and positive spirit.  She hopes her clients leave her classes with a similar rewarding experience.  Angela also continues to be a Pilates student, expanding her knowledge and training in this field. 


Megan Pedersen

Certified Pilates Teacher - Holistic BodyWorx

Megan has been a student at Holistic Bodyworx since 2015 and began her journey as a Pilates instructor in 2017. Megan is also a certified indoor cycling instructor as well as a student at McMaster University completing a Bachelor in Art History before she pursues her passion for interior design. After playing OYSL and later OUA soccer for McMaster University, Megan chose to step back from her soccer career in 2016 to pursue her love for Pilates. Megan is a very kind, bubbly and energetic instructor who's dynamic style is magnetic and attracts a wide variety of clientele to each and every one of her classes. Megan's goal is to inspire her students to optimize their potential in each of her classes. Her favourite quote is taken from Marianne Williamson's 'Our Deepest Fear...' "We are all meant to shine as children do,... as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same." Megan uses this quote as a reminder to be light in the world through the pursuit of excellence. She encourages her students to let their light shine both in the studio and in their everyday lives as it will subconsciously allow others to do the same. 

Amy Clifford

Certified Yoga Teacher - Holistic BodyWorx - CYT - 200

Amy grew up playing competitive sports and as a young adult she exercised to keep herself in shape. 5 years ago after suffering an injury, she decided to start practicing yoga. She immediately fell in love with it. Through yoga she felt her body and mind grow stronger, more flexible and more synchronized and she learned what her body and mind needed and craved from movement. Amy developed a passion for yoga and wanted to share this passion through teaching. She is trained in Hatha Yoga, from Holistic BodyWorx with a 200HR CYT. Amy’s classes incorporate vinyasa flows to strengthen the body and encourage mind and body connection. In the bustling world we live in, Amy hopes to give her students an hour where together they can quiet the world around them and connect with their body, mind and spirit. 


Minja Bovan

Certified Yoga Instructor - Holistic BodyWorx - RTY200 Yoga Alliance

Minja Bovan is doing Yoga practice for 15 years . Her practice includes: Hatha Yoga Flows, Vinyasa and carefully selected fusion of Spicy Energizing Flows. Her favorite is a powerful blend of Classic Hatha and Energizing Vinyasa spiced up with hand-picked Ashtanga assanas and refreshing Pranayama.
Her message to the community :
Every Yoga practice is a personal journey to the inner world. A powerful awakening of Divine spark within our beings.
Yoga is also a practice of graceful movement, focus and acceptance of true perfection of our own selves.
Yoga is love and beauty in every move in every breath!



Tracy Francis

Certified Yoga Instructor - Holistic BodyWorx - RTY200 Yoga Alliance

Tracy initially started on the yogic path as a means of relieving the daily stress and anxiety from working in the legal field. Yoga has enriched Tracy’s life by providing healing, enhanced creativity, a new perspective and balance.

Some might say that Tracy’s passion for teaching yoga was written in the stars. Born with a Sagittarius Sun (the sign of the Philosopher) and a Gemini Moon (the sign of the curious teacher), Tracy’s love of practicing yoga ultimately led her to complete her teacher training with Holistic Bodyworx.

Her classes focus on integrating breath, movement, meditation & philosophy to engage students in creating and nurturing the space between their thoughts, feelings and actions to find what yoga means in their daily lives.

In addition to teaching yoga, Tracy is a Paralegal, Certified Essential Oils Coach and ardent student of Western astrology.


Sandra Suljanovic

Certified Pilates Teacher - Holistic BodyWorx

Sandra has been practicing Pilates for 10 years, and actively teaching for 7. She really enjoys how Pilates balances and integrates her body and stimulates a mind-movement connection.

Sandra wanted to share that experience with others and that led her to teaching. Today her clients are in a broad range of age and abilities, from marathon runners to clients with MS and Parkinson's and her biggest reward is when she see their faces light up when they achieve a goal they thought would never reach.

Sandra's style is intuitive and focused and she like to coach clients to a deeper awareness of movement and strength and toward integration and awareness of the whole body.

“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.“ Joseph Pilates


Selina aya (Satya)

Certified Yoga Teacher By Sivananada Yoga –New York
Certified Energy Healing Programme By Dalida Iruoha,Medical Intuitive


Satya is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Yoga Teacher. She is compassionate, loving, supportive, and honest. She is connected with the spirit realm and offers a safe and sacred space for you to open up and to heal. The healing services and classes she offers include: yoga, meditation, sound healing, energy healing, and intuitive counselling.

From a young age, Selina aka “Satya” had an inkling that there was an existence beyond what she could see. It was only until her early adulthood that she explored yoga and connected with its holistic practice. “Yoga opened up a gateway to access myself on a deeper level. I became aware of my thoughts and emotions.” Meditation became the next discipline for Satya. She was inspired to self-study by reading self-help books, reflect, journal, and meditate to help understand herself better. She incorporated tai chi basics in her meditations to learn how to feel energy.

A “truth-seeker”, Satya is driven to unravel only truth. She wanted to know the origin of yoga and the true meaning of this ancient practise. A couple years later, she studied to become a yoga teacher under the traditional teachings of Sivananda Yoga in an ashram at Woodbourne, NY. Undergoing profound experiences on this mountain, Satya was determined to share this knowledge with the world. At the end of her teacher training, her gurus meditated upon her the spiritual name “Satya”, which means “truth” in Sanskrit.

Over the years, Satya created her own style of yoga and called it “Yoga Chi”. It combines all of her healing skills in one — yoga, meditation/mindfulness, and energy healing. Energy Healing is a healing modality that Satya intuitively connected with throughout her awakened spiritual path. She took a course on Energy Healing with her mentor Dalida Iruoha (Medical Intuitive) which has increased her knowledge, awareness, skills, and sensitivity as an Empath and Intuitive Healer.

“I have a calling to use my intuitive healing gifts to help oneself to bring awareness of the self.”


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