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Yoga Teacher Training


Winner of Gold in Mississauga Readers Choice Awards for Best Yoga Studio in 2018


Yoga Teacher Training New Batch 2 - Starting Soon!

You can also book a private consultation to find out more about the course.  Please contact us at 905-277-1010 or email us at holisticbodyworx3@bellnet.ca .


Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course

Our Yoga Teacher training course is a 230 hour Certification course taught in the Hatha Yoga tradition. Holistic Bodyworx is a registered school with the Yoga Alliance. The Yoga Alliance is the largest Yoga standardization registrar in North America.

Holistic BodyWorx has been a registered School with the Yoga Alliance since 2005 and has taught over 40 certification courses since that time.

The goal of our course is to teach you to become a dynamic teacher while at the same time providing the opportunity to explore and discover the power within yourself both as a teacher and as an individual.

We keep our course size very small to ensure a great teacher to student ratio. We limit our class to 12 students, although you may be in a class of as little as 6 students. We feel that your experience and education will be vastly enhanced by having hands on instruction at all times. Come learn in a way that will prepare you to teach Yoga at the highest level. You owe it yourself and your future students.


Course Outline

Techniques and practicum – 115 hours

Teaching Methodology – 44 hours

Anatomy and physiology – 30 hours

Philosophy – 34 hours



Please note there will be 180 in class hours.
The difference will be non contact (out of class) hours.

Holistic BodyWorx Yoga teacher training certification course blends traditional teachings with the modern science of Yoga.

In the course you will learn the following:

Theoretical Study

Introduction & Meaning of yoga, Importance of yoga in our daily life.
Introduction to different types of yoga: Raja-yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Jnana yoga , Mantra yoga, Hatha yoga etc.
Introduction of some prominent yogis e.g. Maharishi Patanjali
Importance & way of meditation i.e. Chakras, Kundalini, Prana, , five states of Chitta, Five Modifications of mind
Knowledge of Samadhi
Introduction & Importance of health prevention & protection of health through yoga
Cure of common disease through yoga
Importance, technique & benefits of Shat-Karma ( cleansing process)

Anatomy & Physiology & Its Application to Yoga

Movement principles and inner wisdom of the body
Bodily systems & their relative pathologies, including:
Skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive and immune/lymphatic systems - including the inner wisdom of the body
Feeling the body (sensation) from the inside out
Preventing yoga injuries…pain vs. discomfort & contraindications
Health conditions & therapeutic application of poses

The Physiology of Yoga

Pranic / Energetic Anatomy
Energy centers / chakras, nadis,
5 Tattwas (elements and the 5 Maya Koshas (layers/sheaths of the self)
Exercises / practices to deepen & internalize our pranic / energetic anatomy
Controlling energy - use of bandhas, mudras (sacred symbols), pranayama and kriyas (to put into action)

The Philosophy of Yoga

The foundations of yoga philosophy - ancient texts including: Patanjali's Yoga Sutras - the eight limbs, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradapika .The Ethics in yoga philosophy, Professional ethics in business, teaching and life, Yogic lifestyle - yoga as a way of life.


Asanas - Learn more than 150 asanas (bodily postures)
Pranayama - Various techniques of breathing exercises
Shatkarmas - Six acts of yoga for detoxification and purification
Bhandas - Locking actions in our body to remove the physical and mental blocks and clear up the path of pranic energy channels
Mudras -  Spiritual gestures, energetic seals.
Vibration of energy - the study of sound energy
Verbal & non-verbal chanting
Linking chanting with asanas & breath
Power of mantras

The practical part of Hatha yoga study includes the instruction & practice, teaching methods including the art of teaching i.e. qualities, presence, energy, intention, metta (loving kindness), the role of a good teacher, communication skills, presentation skills , public speaking, sequencing and class design, modifications included for injuries different levels and ages, adjusting and assisting, use of props including blocks, belts, walls, blankets, student demonstrations, observation and assistance.


Yamas (restraints) and Niyamas (observances)
Ethics in yogic philosophy
Professional ethics in business, teaching and life
Yogic lifestyle - yoga as a way of life

The Business of Yoga

How to run a successful yoga business, the "business of yoga" and marketing


For detailed information on our Yoga teacher trainers please see our staff page.

April 2019 course


Cristina Reyes
Renu bhatia
Tony sidhu
Yvonne di biase


What you will come away with after you graduate from our course:

  1. A Certification to teach Yoga from Holistic Bodyworx. As a Registered School with the Yoga Allliance you will become a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance). Why does that matter? While there are no licensing requirements for yoga, Yoga Alliance has established widely-adopted standards for education and certification. Schools must navigate a rigorous review process in order to become “Registered” and then graduate “Registered Yoga Teachers.” (RYTs). You can “only” become an RYT if you’ve graduated from a Registered Yoga Alliance School.

  2. You will be able to teach classes in Hatha Yoga, Hatha Flow Yoga, or Vinyasa Yoga.

  3. You will possess a superior understanding of the philosophy, teaching methodology, anatomy, and philosophy of Yoga.

  4. You will see a profound change in Body, mind, and spirit.

  5. You will possess a life time understanding of Yoga helping to keep yourself, family, friends, and students healthy and vibrant through out your lives.

  6. You will have a new understanding of the world as it relates to the philosophy of Yoga.

  7. You will be a certified and qualified Yoga teacher opening up new possibilities for your life and career.



Next Scheduled Course for 2019

Start date: Coming Soon

Sundays - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

1st Friday evening every month on the first week of each month - 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Course end Date: Coming Soon

Classes will not be held on major holidays

2019 Course Fees

Course Fee - $3200 plus H.S.T.

($500 down payment required to reserve your spot)

Reservation Deposit for Course


We have the following payment plan:

50% payment at the start of the class (minus deposit), and six equal monthly payments for the next six months after the start of the course.

Text Books:

You will receive 5 yoga text books which are included in the course cost.

Free Classes:

You will be get an unlimited class pass in addition to your course at Holistic BodyWorx for the duration of the course.


Upon successful completion of the course you will receive certification from Holistic Bodyworx. As we are a Registered School with the Yoga Alliance, you will be able to apply to The Yoga Alliance to become a Registered Teacher.

The Yoga Alliance’s mission is to lead the yoga community, set standards, foster integrity, provide resources, and uphold the teachings of yoga.

Qualifications of Yoga Teacher Training Instructors:

All of our Instructors have many years of teaching experience and all meet the high standards of the Yoga Alliance requirements.


Testimonials from some of our graduates

I was sold from the beginning, Roy took the time to meet with me and answer all my questions and concerns, I left the meeting feeling like I was already part of the family. It was a great and amazing experience, and there was always support from the teachers and my fellow yogis. The course definitely prepared me and gave me the confidence to go out and teach! I would highly recommend taking the YTT at Holistic Bodyworx. Thank you!

Nadine Nadine Kaoukdji - September 2018

The YTT program at Holistic Bodyworx far exceeded my expectations. I learned so much from the instructors and felt supported by the wonderful community of teachers and my fellow students. I would highly recommend this program to anyone considering a YTT program.

Tracy Francis - September 2018

Amazing experience the best course ive ever taken was life changing and the school and the course with the amazing teachers are what made the difference.

Zanobia Abdelli - September 2018

A beautiful, challenging, and worthwhile journey.  It provides a solid foundation of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, communication skills, and yogic philosophy.  Thoroughly impressed by the honesty and dedication of the facilitators and their commitment in guiding each student towards success.  Thank you.

Michelle McCaffrey - September 2018

The yoga and pilates courses here are great, so I knew this was a great place to do my Yoga Teacher Training program. I went through a long process, finding the right studio in the GTA, and Holistic Bodyworx stood out among the top schools/studios. The teachers are remarkably schooled in the physical, mental, spiritual, and business aspects of yoga. The teachers, all of the teachers, including Tina, Roy, Cristina, Tony, Shereen, Loredana so many more, seamlessly combined to the theoretical teachings with the experiential to create a learning environment that is truly priceless. Not only were the classes fun, but they were so informative. I encourage everybody to start their journey with Holistic Bodyworx, whatever the journey is, starting here is a smart decision that you will be happy you made! Thank you again, everyone, at Holistic Bodyworx!!!

Harpreet Atwal - June 2018

Great & knowledgeable teachers!

Sukh Yoga - March 2018

I feel like the training provided by Holistic Bodyworx prepared me to go out into the world and teach yoga competently and confidently. This program pushed my boundaries and expanded my comfort zone. Our training prepared us to be top-notch yoga instructors and I would recommend this program. Thank you Roy and Tina for the great experience.

Lauren Enquist - March 2018

Excellent school. Teachers here are extraordinary. The YTT course was thorough and enlightening on many levels. Highly recommend.

Nadine Spizzirri - December 2017

I knew, from the moment I walked through the doors of Holistic Bodyworx, that I was in the right place for my YTT. Roy & Tina run a professional studio that is so warm and friendly that it felt like a second home. The training was intense and challenging but I felt supported and encouraged by the teachers and fellow yogi students throughout the program. Awesome training, fantastic teachers and an experience I will never ever forget - it has been life-changing. Thank you Holistic Bodyworx, for making a dream come true!!!

Angie Fumo - December 2017

I absolutely loved this school and the wonderful teachers. I feel very well prepared and confident to teach.

Claudia Richer - December 2017

"Just one word: Amazing   5 stars out of 5

 Neya Goyal - August 2017

It was a great learning experience. Our teachers were proficient in yoga teaching.It is because of them i have the confidence of sharing my practice with others.

5 stars out of 5

Samana - August 2017

I loved and enjoyed my experience with Holistic Bodyworx Inc. I met some amazingly awesome teachers and l learnt so much about yoga. I loved the energy and all the staff where awesome and I always looked forward to my Sunday class.

Hina Desai - Feb 2017

"I am so grateful for my experience at Holistic Body Worx. The course was life changing, and I am now teaching yoga, and loving it, all because of the hands on knowledge I received from my teachers. I could not have developed my passion for yoga and teaching, if it wasn't for this course. I am extremely grateful, and would recommend this studio to anybody who is looking for a comprehensive yoga teacher training. Thank you Holistic Body Worx, and my amazing teachers, who have become my mentors."

Jennifer Matthews  - November 2015

"This training has truly changed my life! Holistic Bodyworx works closely with trained professionals to provide an extremely credible program. I feel confident that they have provided me the tools to be a successful Yoga Instructor."

Julia Jaksa - November 2015

"Great detail was provided in all areas of asana, pranayama, philosophy and meditation. Having multiple instructors provided a breath of expertise. The course exceeded my expectations. I still cannot believe how much I learned in such a short period of time."

Pamela Teixeira - November 2015

"Life changing, emotionally, mentally & especially physically. Based on my experience this studio really cares about their students & practitioners."

Uttara Das - November 2015

"I extremely enjoyed the course. It was full of information, knowledge, and input".

"I will treasure this time of my life always".

Jyotsna Thakrar

"Great course. Would definitely recommend it to anyone"

Kirti Solanski

"I am very lucky to found this course. It was beyond my expectation and I really appreciated the teacher hard work and passion".

Sang Yim Youn

"I have a more peaceful approach to life".

David Levesque

"An excellent progressive teaching methodology. Traditional techniques taught with modern day knowledge of injuries and medical conditions. The practical skills of teaching are especially beneficial due to small class sizes".

Amandip Bhogal

"Loved the teachers. All were very informative and encouraging".

Sarah Vigh

"Amazing program and amazing teachers!!!"

Joanna Ferreira

"Instruction was excellent! I'm well equipped to teach, and the instructors were so passionate I have embraced yoga more than I ever believed that I would".

Gary Albert



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