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Yoga consists of a series of drills for physical and mental health and is very popular these days.  In addition to offering yoga and Pilates classes to the public, Holistic Bodyworx is also a qualified teaching center offering yoga and Pilates teacher training.

Benefits of Yoga Mississauga

Lowers Stress

The main benefit of Yoga is the effect it can have on your mental health. Yoga has become famous as a stress-relief option and science has proven that Yoga provides a positive impact on the human brain to not only lower stress but to help you relax.

Studies have illustrated that yoga can lower the cortisol secretion in your body which is the hormone that causes stress. In addition, studies have shown that yoga can reduce cortisol levels after only three months of regular participation in yoga.

In addition to the lower cortisol levels, studies have also shown a significant reduction in anxiety and stress levels after only 10 weeks of regular yoga.

Yoga and skin Rash

Toxins, imbalanced hormones, free radicals, and sensitivity to the sun are all common causes of skin problems.

There are a number of solutions to combat the various skin problems and rashes. Improving blood circulation, balancing hormones, scavenging free radicals, delivering more oxygen to cells, reducing stress, and making your immunity stronger may help combat many skin issues and can be achieved by participating in yoga. 

Benefits of Hot Yoga using Infrared Heat

Along with Yoga, you can take Hot Yoga Mississauga classes at Holistic. But; we should note the advantages of hot Yoga. 

Why infrared heat is better

Infrared heat fitness is a new and innovative light-based method to treat;

• Weight Loss.
• Muscle pain and inflammation in various parts of the body.
• Arthritis
• Dementia and Alzheimer
• Type2 Diabetes
• Detoxification

• Pain relief
• Skin purification
• Muscle pain 

Increase in Flexibility

One of the main purposes for taking part in yoga is to achieve improved body flexibility.  However, experts are discovering that hot yoga and studies helps in achieving improved flexibility.

Yoga drills in a heated room boosts stretching more than traditional yoga as it helps the muscles in your body to expand and contract and promotes added flexibility with less potential of injury.

Hot Yoga is very helpful for dancers and athletes as it helps them improve their overall body structure and flexibilitiy.

Helps in Weight-Loss

While it appears that yoga can be a slow process with respect to weight loss, studies have shown that hot yoga workouts along with yoga stretches will increase your heartbeat rate.

As per any exercise results will vary from person-to-person and it is estimated that a 90-minute hot yoga workout can burn as much as 1000 calories.

Better Heart Health

Studies have indicated that there is a positive effect on the heart through hot yoga.  A lengthy hot yoga session can decrease high blood pressure and promotes improved hearth health and a healthy heart will be equipped to fight off other potential heart issues.

It is far better to invest in exercise for your body than in higher medical bills. 



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