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Things to know for class

Things to Know

A yoga mat, full sized towel (for hot classes), and water. A small towel would be a good idea for non heated classes

What to eat before class: It is a good idea not to have a heavy meal 2 -3 hours before class. A light snack would be a better choice if you are hungry. Please ensure that you are well hydrated before class especially if you are doing a hot class. 

We have spring water available for you to refill your water bottles.

Please arrive 15 minutes before class. We will not permit any who is late into class as it disrupts the flow of the class.

Please wear light clothing for hot classes as you will sweat. Shirts are required for males. If you have a wallet, cell phones or purse with you, bring into the class and you can leave it at the side wall.

Please make sure your cell phone is turned off when entering the studio.

Please refrain from wearing fragrances when coming to class.

A change room is available to your for your use.

You can buy or rent the following items at reception:  

Yoga Mat, Yoga Towels, Bags - Various prices
Stainless Steel Water Bottles - $10
Bottled Water - $1.00
Coconut water and low calorie Gatorade - $2.00
Vitamin Water - $3.00
Flow Alkaline Spring Water - $3.00


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