Various Pilates Classes Available

Our heated classes use infrared heaters. Infrared heat works like the sun, radiating their heat instantly to the person or objects within their beam. The benefits of practicing Pilates in infrared heat are detoxification, burns more calories, boosts metabolism, reduces cellulite, pain relief, improves immune function, improves skin complexion and helps with arthritis. For more information on Infrared heating go to our Facilities page.

Pilates Combo and Hot Pilates classes are a series of very specific exercises executed on a mat. Depending on the class, equipment such as stability balls, Pilates circles and light weights may be utilized. Pilates uses exercises that focus on core body strength, developing strong lean muscles, symmetry, and healthy alignment through efficient and graceful movement with the breath. Pilates develops a very strong mind body connection. 

Pilates combo is practiced in a non heated environment. In this class you utilize small apparatus equipment such as stability balls, Pilates circles and light weights to increase your challenge thereby building resistance training into your program. This class increases your endurance, strength and movement coordination through increased muscular effort and dynamic movement sequences.

Hot Pilates is practiced in our heated room. Hot Pilates utilizes the fundamentals of mat work. In this class you practice the complete syllabus of the mat Pilates exercises. The exercises are executed with lower repetitions than the combo class, with full body awareness and control. In the heated environment it will help to lengthen the movements as you will achieve greater range of motion and flexibility.

Trifecta pilates is design to strengthen the core and full body ,while improving flexibility and cardio with pilates movement utilizing various props. It is the whole version of fitness ,mindfulness ,integration and sustainability fused together.

Classical Pilates is an exercise method designed to strengthen mind and body by working them in tandem, creating a strong core and lean muscle. ... Classical Pilates training adheres to Joseph Pilates original intentions so that each unique exercise is taught with a dynamic rhythm

Barre Pilates Combo is a combination of Barre Pilates with the weighted bar and the Pilates ball. It is an intense and effective workout for all fitness levels which stresses proper form. Big muscles and small isometric muscles movements are applied to build strength, endurance and flexibility without putting strain on ligaments.

It is a fun class combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training.

Body Sculpt is a full body circuit-based workout with elements of functional movement and stability training. Think of a combination of tabata and HIIT to give you a well-rounded workout. Our instructor changes it up every week so expect a fun class with music.

Are you tough enough? Our boot camp classes are 1 hour and held 30 minutes outside and 30 minutes in the studio. We run from the studio into the park and do all sorts of challenging exercises including skipping rope (provided), running stairs, calisthenics, and plyometric exercises.

Then it's back to the studio to do as much core & weights as we can in the remaining 30 minutes. This class burns up to 800 calories and great for sculpting the body.Prerequisite for the class is to be able to jog for at least 20 minutes.

Boot Camp class will be held inside in the event of rain.


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