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OUR NEXT COURSE STARTS September 15th, 2024


Our Pilates instructor training course is a 105 hour Certification Course. The goal of our course is to teach you to become a dynamic instructor while at the same time providing the opportunity to explore and discover the power within yourself both as a teacher and as an individual. 


We keep our course size very small to ensure the most extensive and precise teacher training of its kind. We limit our class to 12 students, although you may be in a class of as little as 6 students. We feel that your experience and education will be vastly enhanced by having hands on instruction at all times. Come learn in a way that will prepare you to teach Pilates at the highest level. You owe it yourself and your future students. 

Holistic Bodyworx Pilates Instructor Training Certification course blends traditional Joseph Pilates teachings with the modern science of Pilates. The course will also teach you a new, innovate approach to teaching Pilates in the modern world of fitness where students work intensely to achieve top levels of fitness and health. You will learn other fitness dynamics independent of Pilates to help round out your class.


 Introduction to Pilates/History and Principles

6 Key Principles of Pilates

· Breath

· Concentration

· Centre

· Control

· Precision

· Flow

Movement prinSpine, Core, and Body Alignment

Muscles, Movement Analysis and Mat Work (This includes Postural Assessment)

Foundation for a Mat Session

Abdominal Work for Movement and Stabilization

Fine Articulation for a Flexible Spine

Bridging for a Functional Spine

Extensions for a Strong Back

Customizing your Pilates Programciples and inner wisdom of the body
Bodily systems & their relative pathologies, including:
Skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive and immune/lymphatic systems - including the inner wisdom of the body
Feeling the body (sensation) from the inside out
Preventing yoga injuries…pain vs. discomfort & contraindications
Health conditions & therapeutic application of pos

 Classical Pilates

Modern Pilates Method

Application of Props (Stability Balls, Weights and Magic Circle)

The Art of Teaching Pilates:

· Building your class

· Progression and layering

· Cueing

· Teaching Practice

The practical part of Pilates study includes the instruction & practice, teaching methods including the art of teaching i.e. qualities, presence, the role of a good teacher, communication skills, presentation skills, public speaking, sequencing and class design, modifications included for injuries different levels and ages, adjusting and assisting, student demonstrations, observation and assistance.

Professional ethics in business, teaching and life.

How to run a successful Pilates business, the "Business of Pilates" and marketing

Pilates Instructor Training Director

Yvonne Di-Biase

Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified Pilates Instructorr
Black Belt in Karate,
CMAC Black Belt in Kobudo, CMAC
Tai Chi Certification, CMAC

Yvonne lives Yoga and Pilates every day. She has cultivated a commitment both through her practice and meditation.

She started out in the Martial Arts receiving black belts in Karate, Kobudo, and Tai Chi. Shortly after, she received her teacher’s certificate for teaching Yoga and Pilates. She sees the body as energy and having explored the element of energetic flow understands the benefits of reenergizing our bodies. As we create lines of energy through the body, we also create space through the joints and spine and as our bodies open, our minds begin to open. She understands that balance comes from a calm and focused mind.

She teaches a hatha flow yoga class where the mind, body and breathe are connected, moving from one move to the next with mindfulness and breath. She also teaches a vigorous Pilates class for a whole body workout .

"All of life is contained in this moment, in the space between thoughts, in the pause between breaths.” Stephen Shaw

 Next Scheduled Pilates Teacher Certification Course for 2024

Join us for an information session.
New batch starting September 15th, 2024
for our upcoming certification course.

 Start date:  September 15th, 2024
Sunday – 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

End date: TBA

2024 Course Fees
Course Fee - $2100 plus H.S.T.
$500 deposit required to reserve your spot

Payment plan available:
50% of the total fee (minus deposit) is due by course start date.

Second 50% is paid in 3 monthly installments of $325 

Text Books

You will receive 3 text books which are included in the course cost.

Free Classes

You will be get an unlimited class pass in addition to your course at Holistic BodyWorx for the duration of the course.


Practical and Written


Upon successful completion of the course you will receive certification from Holistic Bodyworx Inc.


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